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Africans in America: Ghanaians in Dallas, an Illustration and Study of the Impact of Roots, Ritual, and Religion

Erin Clark Kincaid


The Ghanaian community of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, demonstrates the human expressions of meaning in historical connections, dignity and honor, and religious/spiritual and ethical living. My ethnographic research in this community explored their worldview, patterns of behavior, and rituals. Unknown genealogies, the lack of roots, lack of spiritual and moral compass, and absence of a healthy family system/structure all have a devastating and adverse effect on a community.  But these are not present in the Ghanaian community of North Texas. This is an example of a community that has overcome adverse experiences by creating social structures and living out Christian beliefs and practices that contrast with these negative elements. I provide here a glimpse into a group that has faced hardships such as life transition, migration, oppression, and economic difficulties . . . and overcome.


Ghana, immigrants, Christianity, genealogy, history, roots

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