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Relics and Icons: Their Role in Healing, Conversions, and Miracles

Darrell Pinckney


This paper explores recent claims and experiences of healings, miracles, and religious conversions as expressed by members, parishioners, laity and clergy from the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches located in northeastern Pennsylvania.  I choose the term more recent to describe the experiences of consultants which have occurred within the past ten years or less as opposed to those experiences described from previous years or centuries ago. The claims and experiences described by these consultants have had profound effects on them, leading to life changing beliefs.  The claims are very real to the aforementioned interlocutors and many border on the realm of the supernatural. In the past, such beliefs in divine intervention have been dismissed by social scientist and cultural anthropologist camps as well as others who strongly adhere to objective, traditional science. In this paper, I will seek to demonstrate how prayer, relics and icons have had life changing effects on people who came into contact with them or had sought out help through prayer. The relics, icons, and prayer, therefore, are all authentic and instrumental to the faithful. 


Conversions, Eastern Orthodox, Icon, Kardiotissa, Miracles, Relics, Roman Catholic, Spiritual Healing, Theotokos

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